Volunteers in Organic Farm

Volunteers in Organic Farm in Kathmandu

The Organic Agriculture Conservation project is based in a comercial farming community, located at the base of the Nepal highlands just inside of Kathamndu. Our organization that focuses on economic development and sustainable agriculture in Nepal. The farmers As a volunteer alongside these farmers, you will provide support and participate in every step of the provitable foods growing, harvesting, and marketing process. This includes working in the nursery, weeding, planting shade trees, and even roasting packaging of the final product for local and international sales.we have got plenty of work to do all year round. In addition you may also be involved with local agriculture and reforestation efforts. Some volunteers may be asked to help the farmers with the construction work on the school.

Depending on the season and the needs of the project, volunteers will take part in:

- Working in farm and resort part assistance
- Fertilizing the fields with organic matter
- Reforestation projects
- Supporting supplemental agriculture projects
- Translating for Coffee Farm Tours
- Assisting in construction projects
- Tending to the small farm animals
- If desired, assisting with international marketing and sales of the products.

It is highly recommended that volunteers bring a pair of work gloves, sturdy boots, bug repellent, a wide-brimmed and sun protection to the eco-agriculture site. Volunteers stay with other volunteers in the nearby town of in homestay accommodation.