Voice Of President

 Sangam Sherpa - President

I have been traveled all part of our country sides and urban areas and all European continents with the eyes of organic agro tourism developments. I have seen and experienced so many things what would make change and developments. There are so many possibilities in our surroundings in the terms of making revolutions in our societies. Organic agro tourism is the most booming business of the present world and one million tourist one million opportunities . We are living in lack for long - long time and how long it will remains? As a young entrepreneur of Nepal, let me tell you one thing that if we keep blaming other as now only then it will happened nothing, we most put our hands on the soil at least for 4 hour’s per day then nobody will stop us for creating our bright future.

We are still keep following other but my advice is do something brilliant that makes other follow you! I and my family have developed Organic farm house resort Kapan as a part time work beside of my tourism biz. Now a days so many people are behind of our work. Because I had so many years to find biz without competitors. Of course there are many other people got inspired with my work and they also have started to working on the same field as me but they are not my competitors. The thing we must do is create a brand for our self. The products of our farm are the first branded organic products of Kathmandu. Our organic farm house resort is one the best destination of city beyond your imagination. The fresh salads and vegetables are available in all Bhat- Bhatenies are amazing. Me and my family are so proud for what we did in 5 years after the hard working of all day and night. Now a day’s many people’s are coming to get training of organic farming and more.

Sangam Sherpa.
Organic Farm House Resort
Kapan, Kathmandu, Nepal