Organic Farm Objectives

Farm Objectives

Mission: Our mission of the project is to create as soon as possible bigger market of the organic products and inspire farmers to grow naturally grown foods and protect the soil, Create job opportunities and contribution for the organic eating habitual. Organic agro tourism is must booming business in the world and we even want to participate to get prosperity in every unfortunate people of the mountains of Nepal.

Goal: More then 70% population of the nation are doing farming in Nepal, but we spend most part of our income to buy food from other countries. The fact is more than 1600 youths are living countries everyday to find work and aprox. 5 dead body's of youths arriving as present daily. Plenty of pure and fertile land in the mountains are abandoned because there are nobody willing to work at the village. But the fact is we spend billions and billions dollar to buy foods from neighboring countries lot more than our remittance. Our especial goal is to inspire youths to stay at our own country to become entrepreneur not self subsistence farming only, but organic and profitable modern farming. To inspire hopeless and jobless manpower of the nation’s to become entrepreneurs:

What types of foods will be served?:

Did you ever ask to all those expensive restaurants that the foods are organic? Yes we are only restaurant in the biggest city of Nepal who sale only real organic foods and drinks for every single visitors of our farm house. The plan is we don’t get lots of organic ingredients in the market so our menu will be very simple and typical Nepali traditional style, its real choice of all in the city. We are doing great contribution for the society and nation, so please promote us by eating healthy food & vegetable.