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About Himalayan Organic Farm

Himalayan Organic Farm is committed to providing nutritious products, cultivated in an ethical & socially responsible manner, within a sustainable ecosystem that benefits everybody involved. Himalayan Organic Farm is founded on the premise that food is fundamental to life, and natural, healthy, delicious food can make life better for all of us. By working directly with small-scale farmers, helping them to institute Fair Trade & Organic practices while assisting them in improving quality of food & life, we’re creating a holistically beneficial supply chain.

Our values extend to the fields of flora & fauna: we adopt an ethical & social conscience in all our processes to minimize environmental impact & maximize sustainability. Our products are grown organically; cultivated and processed in a more ecologically sustainable way and naturally good for one’s health. Himalayan Organic Farm strives to facilitate a healthier lifestyle for the urban individual by providing the well being & nutrients that the body needs.

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Why Choose Us

Organic Growth

To promote organic farming in a sustainable manner and to explore domestic and global market for the organic products we either produce or trade.

Reliably Delicious

We are committed to organic & social integrity at every link in the supply chain, thereby guaranteeing high quality, delicious and responsibly harvested products.

Quality And Reliability

All our products are 99.99% pure and 100% organic in nature. We are from among India’s leading companies operating in certified organic products.

Total Transparency

We are committed to organic & social integrity at every link in the supply chain, thereby guaranteeing high quality and responsibly harvested products.


15 Years of Expertise in Organic Farm

Our customers enjoy the opportunity to buy foods that follow the highest benchmarks of fair-trade standards & social responsibility, all the while focusing on manual processes to sustain communities in villages, thereby creating a support system and alternative income for rural families.

With an extensive, high-quality, organic product range of insecticides, herbicides and fungicides, Himalayan Organic Farm has been serving the Indian farming community for over two decades. They assist us by co-training our farmers in organic farming practices and processes as well as with organic nutrients such as bio-germs, seaweed extracts and root stimulators, which form the basis of our crop diet.